2020-21 Panini Immaculate Basketball Hobby Box

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Immaculate Collection is back with its stellar memorabilia and autograph content! Each box contains three autographs and two memorabilia cards per box on average.

Immaculate Collection presents some of the best Rookie Patch Autograph content all year! Collect some of the top rookies from this year with a stunning acetate finish, featuring on-card autographs and an incredible patch selection!

Collectors can find a variety of memorabilia content from Sneaker soles to Sneaker laces, Team Logos to Brand Logos, and Championship
tags to Logomans!

Look for the popular multi-signed cards in Dual Autographs, Triple Autographs, and Quad Autographs! Find several new and unique combinations this year in Immaculate!

Immaculate has no shortage of oversized memorabilia this year! Look for a stunning display of Prime Memorabilia in various shapes and sizes!

Hunt for highly sought out on-card Rookie Patch Autographs with a stunning acetate finish featuring unique memorabilia swatches, with ROOKIE PATCH AUTOGRAPHS GOLD, ROOKIE LOGOMAN AUTOGRAPHS, and ROOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP TAGS AUTOGRAPHS inserts.

Search for a wide range of unique on-card autographs featured with some of the best memorabilia content offered all year, including PREMIUM PATCH AUTOGRAPHS RED, TRIPLE AUTOGRAPHS, and PATCH AUTOGRAPHS TAG! Collect several new and unique pairings in the Dual, Triple and Quad Autograph sets!

Look for tons of unique memorabilia content this year in Immaculate Collection! Along with the incredible Sneaker content, like SOLE OF THE GAME, hunt for LOGOMAN cards, BRAND LOGOS, TEAM SLOGANS, and more!



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