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    • 16 cards per pack.
    • 12 packs per box.

    Box Break:

    • 12 Base Set Stars and/or Star Rookies Cards
    • 4 Next Step and/or CHL Profiles Cards
    • 3 2020-21 CHL Star Rookies Cards
    • 2 Top Imports, First Draft and/or They’re Exceptional Cards
    • 1 Base Set Stars or Star Rookies Clear Cut Parallel Card
    • At Least 1 #’d Parallel or Printing Plate Parallel Card

    Upper Deck CHL features a 400-card Base Set featuring the top players in the league. The base set consists of 300 regular cards and 100 short-print cards (stars & star rookies). Look for the Exclusives, High Gloss & Autograph parallels of the short-print stars and star rookies!

    Unpack Clear Cut parallels featuring Star Rookies!

    Find exciting new inserts like Next Step and CHL Profiles along with low-numbered Autograph parallels of both sets!

    Look for the 2020-21 CHL Star Rookies set featuring the top rookies from the 2020-21 CHL season, including Exclusives & High Gloss parallels.

    Hunt for the rare They’re Exceptional insert cards featuring a low-numbered Red parallel along with the ultra rare White Autograph parallel!

    Autograph Cards

    Card #’ing/Ratio

    Base Set - Auto Parallel 1:24

    Base Set Stars & Star Rookies - Auto Parallel 1:24

    Next Step - Auto Parallel #’d to 10

    CHL Profiles - Auto Parallel #’d to 15

    First Draft - Blue Auto Parallel #’d to 25

    First Draft - Black Auto Parallel #’d 1-of-1

    They’re Exceptional - White Auto Parallel #’d to 5

    Base Set Printing Plates - Auto Parallel N/A

    Base Set Star Rookies Printing Plates - Auto Parallel N/A

    Exciting Insert Cards

    Card #’ing/Ratio

    2020-21 CHL Star Rookies 1:4

    2020-21 CHL Star Rookies - Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100

    2020-21 CHL Star Rookies - High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10

    Next Step 1:8

    CHL Profiles 1:5

    Top Imports 1:28

    Top Imports - Red Parallel #’d to 99

    Top Imports - Blue Parallel #’d to 25

    Top Imports - White Parallel #’d to 5

    Top Imports - Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1

    First Draft 1:8

    First Draft - Red Parallel #’d to 99

    First Draft - Blue Parallel #’d to 25

    First Draft - White Parallel #’d to 5

    First Draft - Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1

    They’re Exceptional 1:200

    They’re Exceptional - Red Parallel #’d to 99

    Base Set Cards

    Card #’ing/Ratio

    Base Set - Regular (1-300) N/A

    Base Set Stars (301-350) 1:2

    Base Set Star Rookies (351-400) 1:2

    Base Set Stars & Star Rookies - Clear Cut Parallel 1:12

    Base Set - Exclusives Parallel #’d to 100

    Base Set - High Gloss Parallel #’d to 10

    Base Set - Printing Plates Parallel N/A



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