Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

What is Relikks looking for?

  • Content creators with 1000+ followers
  • Your content is focused on the sports card hobby
  • You post multiple times per week (consistently for the last 3+ months)
  • Your content generates strong engagement on social media
  • Your posts are creative and versatile

*These are just general guidelines and we will review each individual submission*

What Benefits will Relikks provide to the Ambassador:

  • Exclusive Relikks merch
  • Exclusive Relikks supplies
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Ambassador Program contests and giveaways
  • Access to new and unreleased Products
  • Access to Relikks Affiliate Program - exclusive discount codes and commission
  • Earn points towards Diamond Club Membership
  • Personal promotion and shout outs on our Social Pages
  • Assistance and guidance to succeed in the hobby
  • Extensive work Experience and reference - internship/resume

What will a Relikks Ambassador do?

  • Post at least twice a week promoting the Relikks brand
  • Create viral content about Relikks
  • Be a Relikks storyteller
  • Promote Relikks to your network with individualized discount codes
  • Engage in social media discussion to promote the Relikks brand (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, etc)
  • Target clubs at different universities/colleges/schools centred around sports/collecting/cards to promote Relikks
  • Attend events with Relikks swag and rep the brand
  • Provide Relikks with suggestions on how to grow brand awareness


Sound like you'd be a good fit to rep Relikks? Reach out via our contact page and tell us a bit about yourself!