Relikks DIAMOND CLUB Membership

Q: What Is Diamond Club?

A: The Relikks Diamond Club is an exclusive invite only program that is offered to very select RelikkSquad customers. Gaining membership into the Diamond Club enables you to take advantage of exclusive member only perks.

Q: What are the perks/advantages of being in the Diamond Club?

A: Some of the main advantages of joining the Diamond Club include:
- Access/invite to participate in the Relikks Diamond Club Group Buy program (see below for more details).
- Priority access to limited release products
- Lifetime discount on all future Relikks purchases
- Concierge service for sourcing specific products for your PC

Q: How do I join the Diamond Club?

A: At this time the Relikks Diamond Club is an invite only program. Once you receive an invite you will be eligible to join the program.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Relikks Diamond Club?

A: There is no membership fee to join the Diamond Club. However, a prerequisite is that you receive an invite AND that you purchase at least 1 spot in an upcoming Relikks Diamond Club Group Buy.

Q: Is my Diamond Club membership transferable?

A: No.

Q: What is the Relikks Diamond Club Group Buy program?

A: The Diamond Club Group Buy program is an exclusive group buying experience that is only available to Diamond Club members. Here is how it works:
- The Relikks team will source a very exclusive/high end wax product and divide ownership of that product amongst a set number of spots.
- Each spot (ownership share) can be purchased by a Diamond Club member on a first come first serve basis.
- Each member may only purchase 1 spot for each respective Group Buy.
- Once you purchase your spot you will officially own your share/percentage of the contents of that box. Unlike group breaks, you do not get allocated any specific teams but are rather participating in the ownership of the box with the other Relikks Diamond Club members.
- The box will be opened during one of the Relikks Live stream events.
- All the contents of the box will be sold on the open market by the Relikks team and all the proceeds from the sale will be returned to each respective Group Buy member according to their respective propitiate share. A 5% fee of total sale price will be deducted from the proceeds to help Relikks cover all costs associated with the sale of the cards.

Q: What if I want to purchase some or all of the cards that come out of the box?

A: All Diamond Club members will be given a right of first refusal to purchase the cards in the box. Relikks will determine the fair market value of each card. If more than one member is interested in purchasing cards then Relikks will run a randomized HIT DRAFT for the interested parties. The hit draft order will determine who gets to pick their desired card first. Each member will be given the option of purchasing 1 card during their hit draft turn.

Q: How often do Diamond Club Group Buys take place?

A: The goal is to have one Diamond Club Group Buy event each month.

Q: Does Relikks participate/take a spot in the group buy?

A: Yes, Relikks will participate by taking at least 1 spot in every group buy event.


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