Private Breaks

Private Group Breaks:

Relikks is excited to be able to offer Private Group Break events to our amazing #RelikkSquad customers. Private Group Breaks are a great way to gather a group of friends, colleagues, like minded hobbyists for a fun and safe on-line event. Private Group Breaks are a great idea if you’re hosting any of the following events:

• Birthday Parties For All Ages
• Client/Work appreciation event
• Team building event
• Friend/Family Reunion
• Watching a Big Game Together
• “Night Out” Alternative

Private Group Breaks can be catered towards any type of group and any budget. Regardless of the participant’s knowledge of the hobby the team at Relikks will make sure that the event is fun and engaging for all those involved.

Get in touch with Relikks today to have us plan out an exciting on-line (COVID safe) party that is sure to make any sport fan’s day.


Q: How much does a private group break cost?
A: Each private group break is tailored to the specific needs/goals for your event. Depending on the amount of participants, the sports of interest, and the overall budget – the team will put together a proposal for you.

Q: When do the private group breaks take place?
A: These are private events which will accommodate your needs/schedule.

Q: What if I don’t know much about the hobby but would like to host an event?
A: Not a problem. We pride ourselves on a full end-to-end service. Just tell us a bit about your group and their interests and we will take care of the rest. We will select the boxes, design the event, educate the participants and make sure your event is a huge success and fun for everyone.

Q: What platform is the event hosted on?
A: We can host the event on any platform that you prefer. Some options include:
• Zoom
• Google Meets
• Microsoft Teams
• Others

Q: How do I get more information?
A: Just send us an email ( or DM us @relikks and a member of team will get back to you.